Opening Social (Winter 2015)

On Thursday, January 8th, about 30 students gathered together for the ITE Opening Social. President David Chang began the meeting by introducing the officers for the coming semester.

Treasurer David Bassett then spoke to the group about the upcoming networking opportunities and professional forums coming up this semester. The dates and times for the professional forums will be posted on the website (

Professor Grant Schultz then spoke to the group about the benefits that he’s seen from membership in ITE and other professional groups, including job opportunities and the support network from a professional organization.

Vice President Greg Sanchez followed by talking about the annual Student Traffic Bowl, hosted at the Western District ITE Meeting. Greg summarized BYU ITE’s success in the past and the events coming up in Las Vegas, NV and Hollywood, CA. Secretary Samuel Mineer then took the podium to give the students a taste of the thrill that comes from participating in the Traffic Bowl. As students participated and answered questions, candy was tossed strategically. A taco bar finished up the event. Thank you to those who participated. We look forward to seeing you at future activities.

Opening Social Winter 2015 (7)

Opening Social Winter 2015 (5)

Opening Social Winter 2015 (10)

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