Stadium Clean up Fundraiser

08FTB vs SDSU _MAP8458 November 8, 2008 Photo by Kenny Crookston/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2008 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322


Come help raise some money for your BYU Club of choice by helping clean up the south-side of the stadium after the BYU Home Football games.

Next Stadium Clean Up is on Saturday, September 12th. Meet by Gate 11 at about 11:00pm to check in and have a treat before clean up begins.

Sign ups (click here)
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Specific instructions will be sent out two-days before the home game. Thank you for making time to come and help!

Clean up Instructions for south side of stadium (click here)

***Full Details Below***

BYU Grounds is offering $1,500 per game for cleaning the south side of the stadium. This $1,500 can be split between the BYU clubs who participate, with the potential to split $9,000 after 6 home games.
It should take 20-40 people about 3 hours to finish the clean up duties after the 4th quarter of the home games. The more hands makes lighter work. Sam Mineer will be leading the clean up effort for the south side of the stadium. Check in with Sam at the stadium to make sure your club of choice receives the funds for their help.
Please see the following Google Doc for sign ups. Each game has a sign up list on a different sheet tab.
Sign up here
If you can help for multiple games, please put your name on multiple sheets. If your spouse or other friends can help, make sure they sign up too.
Once you are on the sign up list, you will receive a reminder and instructions two days prior to the home game.
Instructions (Sample)
Please sign up and help raise some much needed funds for your BYU clubs.
Please contact Sam Mineer (samuel.mineer@gmail.com480-773-8411) for questions or clarifications.