Opening Social (Fall 2014)

On Thursday, September 18, BYU ITE welcomed about 20 students and two faculty to the Opening Social. Dr. Grant Schultz and BYU ITE President, Casey Knecht, welcomed the group and gave a report of the benefits of ITE and the activities coming up during the semester.

The attendees were given 15 minutes to build their custom stream boats. The materials provided included aluminum foil, engineering paper, printer paper, duct tape, wax paper, and Popsicle sticks. Each boat had a unique design to it.

Boats were raced at the stream near the south end of BYU Campus. 5 boats raced per heat, the winner of each heat moving on to the final round.

Michael Scott and his family won with their foil and Popsicle pontoon boat design, surviving the rapids in the final round. Greg Sanchez won for the most creative design, replicating look of a pirate ship.

After the boat races, the participants returned to the Clyde Building to enjoy the BBQ spread provided by BYU ITE.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our stream boat races. We hope to see you at future ITE activities.


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