ITE/AREMA Professional Forum

On Thursday, November 20th, BYU ITE and BYU AREMA hosted a Professional Forum, with Jon Cluff and Jennifer McGrath from UTA. Approximately thirty students and two professors were in attendance. The Professional Forum began at 5:00pm with a presentation about railroad track and switches, before the time was turned over to Jon and Jen.

Jennifer began her presentation by talking about the important of planning in design work. For UTA, long range goals and plans affect what is done in the near future. Determining the route demands affect the mode types that are developed to serve those needs. UTA has been working to enhance the experience of the users by implementing different programs, including bike programs, pedestrian programs, ride share, improving bike capacity on lines, and other programs. Jennifer said that UTA is also improving user’s access to transit and inter-modal centers.

Jon addressed the group by talking about information and putting those details “in-formation.” Jon suggested that the planning for the future and building the future is affected by three types of people: Politicians, “Hollywood”, and Law Makers. The railroad industry has been developing momentum for improvement and serving the public. Improving the rail systems to serve the communities can produce positive environmental impacts and help users travel more efficiently to long-distance locations. UTA’s goal is to help people feel comfortable with public transportation options and to convey the benefits of balancing all modes of transportation.

After Jennifer and Jon’s presentation, the attendees enjoyed delicious sandwiches from Sensuous Sandwich. Jon Cluff ( and Jennifer McGrath ( encourages the students to follow up with them if they had questions or comments about the presentation.



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