ITE Professional Forum – Hales Engineering (Winter 2015)

On Thursday, January 29th, Jeremy Searle from Hales Engineering spoke to students about the recent projects that Hales Engineers is working on. He talked about the trip generation studies and transit impact studies done to help reduce the number of trips on the road. As transit modes are being used and trips in personal automobiles are reduced, then congestion can be reduced in a city. Jeremy also talked about several TOD (Transit Oriented Developments) under development across the Wasatch Front. Jeremy encouraged the students to sharpen their people skills and communications skills, since those skill will help in various settings. Jeremy also showed the impact of parking studies and how the number of spaced needed can be reduced with smart and careful planning.

Hales Engineers

After his main presentation, Jeremy met with the students to talk about the ITE traffic study coming up in a month. He stressed safety and shared stories of his experiences counting traffic for the first time. BYU ITE is excited to get involved in traffic studies and to contribute to the ITE community.

In attendance was Dr. Schultz, Dr. Saito, and 20 students. Domino’s Pizza was the brought for those in attendance.

W2015 Hales1