Current Officers

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Officers for Winter 2018

President – Josh Gibbons

Vice President – Josh Alpers

Treasurer/Secretary – McKay Parkinson

Professional Forum Coordinator – Jordi Berrett

Activities – Michael Stevens and Daniel Wells

Student Coordinator – Sami Lau

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Grant Schultz

President • Josh Gibbons


Josh grew up in Holladay, Utah. He currently works as a research assistant for Dr. Schultz doing Traffic and Safety Modeling research for UDOT. He graduatee with his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in April 2017. He is currently pursue a master’s degree, emphasizing in transportation engineering. Josh has worked for Okland Construction as an intern. He also currently works as an intern at Hales Engineering, a traffic engineering consulting firm in Lehi, Utah. Josh enjoys music, playing the piano, BYU sports, and running.

  • Calling, planning, and conducting meetings
  • Coordinating all of the other officers’ efforts
  • Representing ITE to BYUSA and other external organizations
  • Making sure that deadlines are met and things run smoothly

Vice President • Josh Alpers

Josh Alpers was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1992. Since then he has gone on to live in over ten different locations across the United States due to his father’s Air Force career.  Josh graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering in December of 2016.  He is a second semester graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Transportation Engineering.  He is working on completing his Master’s Project for UDOT entitled Left-Turn Signal Warrant Procedures: A Synthesis of Practice under the direction of Dr. Schultz.  In addition to his school work and research he also works at Horrocks Engineers, a consulting firm in Pleasant Grove, UT, completing traffic studies. He has been happily married to his wife Jessica since June of 2014. Both he and his wife have a love for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all things Disney.


  • Organizing grant proposals and submitting them to ITE in order to fund the BYU Chapter
  • Assisting our President with any legitimate request

Secretary/Treasurer • McKay Parkinson

McKay has the sharpest mind west of the Mississippi. If you ask him a question, you are foolish…because he answered your question 10 minutes ago without you even knowing. McKay was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico as the middle son of the middle son… some say this chain continues for several generations. Most can’t remember though. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in transportation, expecting to graduate in December of 2018. He currently has an internship at Horrocks Engineers, where you can often find him on the side of the road putting up cameras or laying down tubes.


  • Monitoring Chapter finances
  • Purchasing supplies for Chapter activities
  • Keeping notes of meetings
  • Assisting with projects and assignments
  • Seeking support and sponsorship for BYU ITE
  • Creating and maintaining the Chapter’s website
  • Compiling and submitting the Annual Report

Professional Forum Coordinator • Jordi Berrett

Jordi is from the far away village of Orem, UT. He served a mission to Guatemala and has been home for almost 3 years. He is the eldest of 4 children (aka “The Guinea Pig”). Jordi enjoys swimming, weight lifting, camping, target shooting, and anything outdoors. He is excited to start graduate school in the winter and enjoyed going to China for the Mega-infrastructure study abroad this past summer.

  • Plan monthly professional forums for BYU ITE members to attend.


Activities/Service Coordinator • Michael Stevens

Michael was born in the south, but quickly relocated to Colorado Springs, CO to be closer to BYU. He is a Junior, and chose to major in Civil Engineering, so as to prolong his days in Provo (with 2.5 more years until graduation). Michael participates as a member of the BYU bicycle committee, despite not owning a bicycle. Michael recently got married this past summer, to put pressure on all remaining singles in the chapter. He enjoys hiking, playing basketball, failing at golf, and ignoring UofU fans on social media.


  • Organizing ITE Socials
  • Organizing ITE Field Trips
  • Organizing ITE Service Projects

Activities/Service Coordinator • Daniel Wells

Daniel was born in Tacoma Washington, where he grew up admiring the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (a.k.a. Galloping Gurdy). When he isn’t in the BYU creamery eating up all of the delicious Grahm Canyon ice cream, he can also be found on Google’s Street View at Helaman Halls, where he was working at the time. He currently works at the BYU Physical Facilities Planning Department.


  • Organizing ITE Socials
  • Organizing ITE Field Trips
  • Organizing ITE Service Projects

Student Coordinator • Sami Lau









Sami is the mastermind behind the success of all engineering projects. If there’s something done in this world, chances are Sami made it happen!


  • Make weekly announcements in Undergraduate Seminar
  • Make sure our activities get on the Announcement Sheet
  • Create any necessary posters or advertisements

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Grant Schultz

Dr. Grant Schultz is a Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Brigham Young University.  He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University, and a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.  Dr. Schultz has been at Brigham Young University for the past 12 years where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in transportation engineering.  He also performs research in the areas of traffic safety, economics, and planning.  He has 3 years of research experience with the Texas Transportation Institute, as well as 7 years of consulting engineering experience in traffic and transportation engineering with The Sear-Brown Group and Keller Associates.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Utah and is a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer.  Dr. Schultz is originally from Champion, Alberta, Canada, and has lived in Alberta, Utah, California, Idaho, and Texas.

Past Officers

Fall 2016 Semester Winter 2017 Semester Fall 2017 Semester
President: Natalia Brown Natalia Brown Josh Gibbons
Vice President: Marlee Seat Marlee Seat Josh Alpers
Secretary: Josh Gibbons Josh Gibbons McKay Parkinson
Treasurer: Jordan Frustaci McKay Parkinson McKay Parkinson
Student Coordinator: Kevin Liang Kevin Liang Jordi Berrett
Service/Activities Coordinators: Conor Seat Conor Seat Michael Stevens
 Daniel Wells
Professional Forum Coordinator: Chris Garcia Chris Garcia Conor Seat
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Mitsuru Saito/Dr. Grant Schultz Dr. Mitsuru Saito/Dr. Grant Schultz Dr. Mitsuru Saito/Dr. Grant Schultz

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