2017 BYU ITE Data Collection

The BYU ITE chapter had the opportunity to participate in two data collection projects during the Winter 2017 semester. One project was done for the ITE Utah Chapter, and the other was done for the ITE Western District. Data was collected at the Provo and American Fork FrontRunner Utah Transit Authority (UTA) stations. Vehicles, pedestrians, buses and bicyclists entering and exiting the sites were counted over a three-day period. Hourly parking counts were also taken for one full day for each project. The counts were completed during March 2017.

At this point, all of the data has been collected. The BYU ITE chapter will now proceed to reduce and analyze the data. The end goal of the analysis is to determine trip generation rates for the FrontRunner stations that can been applied to a commuter rail land use in the ITE Trip Generation database. Below are pictures of the data collection process.