2015 ITE Student Leadership Summit

On February 13-15, Greg Sanchez (BYU ITE Vice President) and Samuel Mineer (Secretary) attended the 2015 ITE Student Leadership Summit at Sacramento State in California. The weekend was filled with guest lecture speakers, an exotic car display, ComedySportz, leadership activities, and lots of great food. Thank you to SacState ITE for hosting the event this year. Shared pictures can be found at this link. Below are some pictures and notes from the event. #2015itesls


“Think of the future.” -John Kennedy, ITE International President

“Together, we are the best.” -Zaki Mustafa

“Stay involved in ITE and keep Student Chapters alive.” -Mark Spencer

“There are three rules for this conference: 1) Don’t embarass yourself 2) Don’t embarass your school 3) Have fun.” Dr. S

“Top Ten Leadership Qualities: 1) Always be truthful, never lie 2) Ask before you act, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ 3) Treat people with respect & dignity 4) Set clear goals & expectations, Manage by performance 5) Be creative & innovative, think of the future 6) Communicate, inspire, motivated, empower others; thank them for their performance 7) Be visible & accessible 8) Remember to reward & recognize 9) Share your passion 10) Lead by example.” -Will Kempton

“Remember PIE in your career development: preparation, Initiative, Experience.” -Keith Harris

“Mistakes are learning moments.” -Transportation Q&A Session

“What kind of problems do yo want to solve? Once you answer that question, then you will know where to work.” -Transportation Q&A Session